Behind the scenes SS19

ROLÁNN's SS19 collection will be released soon and this means that it was time for a photoshoot! The collection is inspired by 'old school'  fashion and trends in combination with modern day streetwear and includes uniquely designed 'loose fit' items.  Unlike previous collections which solemnly existed of upper wear items like T-shirts, long sleeves, pull overs and hoodies, the SS19 collection includes bottoms as well!

ROLÁNN SS19 photoshoot

When we say 'old school' we literally mean old school. For this shoot ROLÁNN tried to recreate that moment at the beginning of the new school year on which you picked out your best outfit for the infamous 'school picture'. Since this often took place at the gym, we decided that this would be the perfect location to create an 'old school' vibe. To set the scene we used one of the most iconic backgrounds used in the school picture history; 'the blue canvas'. The location, the sport equipments and that oh-so-recognisable 'locker room smell' brought the whole team back to their childhood school times, so for us this means; mission achieved.

ROLÁNN SS19 Photoshoot

For the SS19 collection we wanted to create something new, something that we had not created before. We were ready to take the next step and are now introducing two completely new items. The trackpants and shirts are, for ROLÁNN, an innovative addition to our collection and have an unique oversized fit. In order to create these items, samples were produced over and over again until we reached the perfect fit. The fabrics and colours, for both items, were carefully selected so that we could create the best quality and most comfortable garments.
We hope that you are just as excited as we are for the new collection and will make sure to keep you up to date! 
Untill then,