The Inspiration behind FW19

In this collection we aim to visualize the main aspect of our brand; 'Made in Holland'. It features unique pieces which each contain a part of this aspect, while staying true to ourselves and focusing on our vision.  
Being on the verge of a transition from streetwear to high-end, we would like to push ourselves and represent a brand that can be identified as 'High-end Streetwear'. Therefor we have created a selection of products which can be divided into these segments. Designing essential items such as longsleeves in bright colors, together with a casual shirt in contrasting fabrics, make these segments visible. 
In the process of creating the perfect comfortable yet stylish track suite, we stumbled upon yet another visualization of these segments. This led to the creation of the two fits; 'The tapered', offering a street and sporty vibe, in contrast with 'the loose fit' going for a more casual look.
Having established these segments, we decided to better visualize the thing that we are most proud of and implement this in our designs. Just like our roots are intertwined in our identity, the colors red, white and blue, are intertwined in these pieces. Adding a subtle line in our designs which connects our heritage with contemporary streetwear.