The Inspiration behind FW20

When designing a collection, we like to take our inspiration from relevant topics and events that happen around us. For this collection, we noticed that people from our generation are taking the next step in their lives. Most people start working their first 'real' job or begin a new chapter by starting their own project. Especially in our circle we noticed that people do not wish to have a 'standard' 9-5 job, but tend to be more entrepreneurial. 

When researching more about this topic, we came across the term 'Cube Monkey' which is defined as someone who works from 9-5 in a three-walled movable office doing god-knows-what under fluorescent light. This term perfectly described what we wish not to become and therefore we started looking for a way to implement this in our designs. 

Cube Monkey Rolánn


The first thing that comes to mind when you see/hear the term Cube Monkey, is a monkey in a cube. Since this is exactly what we want to avoid, we chose to visualize a more aggressive, free version of this monkey. A stronger version of this monkey; a gorilla. The Cube Monkey design which is visualized on the FW20 hoodies is a hand painted version of this gorilla.

 Just like our generation, Rolánn wants to take the next step as a brand as well. Therefore, with every choice we made for this collection, we took it to the next level. Starting with the choice of fabrics in which we switched to a more heavy French Terry fabric, known for its high comfort-ability. In order for the design to better blend in the garments and increase quality, the design is screen printed. And to top it all off, Rolánn took matters into own hands when it comes to the production of the garments as well. 

We have always prioritized that our garments are made in a fair and ethical way in the Netherlands, this to strive for a fair and more environmental friendly fashion scene. We now took local production to a next level and started our own atelier in which we work together with experienced tailors with a refugee background. This way we can be in total control of the production process of our garments.