The production process

We want to tell a bit more about how our clothes are made. Because all our products are produced in a special way, we are very proud to tell you how this process takes place.

Our main guy behind this process is Ali. He’s an experienced tailor in the fashion industry, with a refugee background. He came to the Netherlands with his family to start a life here and DOTT., a clothing manufacturer that works together with refugee men, gave him the chance to do what he loves most: producing high quality products. He is one of the reasons we can offer high quality clothing.

The label ‘Made in Holland’ is very important to us. We want to stay transparent to our costumers and want to show that everything we make is handmade, fair and unique. And because we are closely involved in this process, we make sure this is the case with every single product.

Which fabrics we use is decisive for our fit. This is why we invest a lot of time in our search for the right fabrics. This search brought us to Turkey. Here we found the right fabrics for a fit that is both stylish and comfortable to wear. Because the fabrics are of premium quality, we get the exact fit we like: oversized with a simply but stylish design.

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Ali - The Producer