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The Inspiration

In this collection we aim to visualize the main aspect of our brand; 'Made in Holland'. It features unique pieces which each contain a part of this aspect, while staying true to ourselves and focusing on our vision.   Being on the verge of a transition from streetwear to high-end, we would like to push ourselves and represent a brand that can be identified as 'High-end Streetwear'. Therefor we have created a selection of products which can be divided into these segments. Designing essential items such as longsleeves in bright colors, together with a casual shirt in contrasting fabrics, make these segments visible.  In the process of creating the perfect comfortable yet stylish track suite, we stumbled upon yet another visualization of these segments. This...

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The Story Behind the Pictures

Now that ROLÁNN's SS19 collection has been launched we would love to give you a little peak behind the (design) curtain. For this collection we created three unique graphics that you can find on the T-shirts and Longsleeves. Each graphic displays a different scene connected to old school trends or modern day fashion. This blogpost will explain you all about 'The story behind the pictures'.  "December 17th, 2018"    Tokyo -"A seaport in and the capital of Japan, on Tokyo Bay: one of the world's largest cities"- . Taken at Shibuya crossing, the busiest crossing on the planet. "Thinking of Tokyo I always imagined a vibrant metropole with thousands of people, buildings, restaurants and shops. Tokyo is exactly like that. However, unlike most metropoles, the city is incredibly clean, the people are helpful and...

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ROLÁNN's SS19 collection will be released soon and this means that it was time for a photoshoot! The collection is inspired by 'old school'  fashion and trends in combination with modern day streetwear and includes uniquely designed 'loose fit' items.  Unlike previous collections which solemnly existed of upper wear items like T-shirts, long sleeves, pull overs and hoodies, the SS19 collection includes bottoms as well! When we say 'old school' we literally mean old school. For this shoot ROLÁNN tried to recreate that moment at the beginning of the new school year on which you picked out your best outfit for the infamous 'school picture'. Since this often took place at the gym, we decided that this would be the perfect...

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ROLÁNN is based in Groningen, therefor we want to organize a lot of events in this beautiful city. Every collection brings something special, and this time the pop-up was even more special. The pop-up was right on the Grote Markt in Groningen, the very heart of the city. Presenting our collection here, while hearing the bells from the Martini Tower ring was very special for us! The t-shirts and long-sleeves got some very positive reviews and we were pleased to hear them! We we're happy to answer all your questions about our new collection. 'How do you produce all these shirts?', 'Where did you get this designs from?', 'How did you find these colors?' are some of the most questions...

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The new collection is coming soon which means it was shooting time! For this collection we're dropping fresh long-sleeves and t-shirts. We're very excited, because we can't wait to show you our new logo's and oversized design; everything fully produced in the Netherlands!  We're always looking for something different. So this time we went to a special location as well. Last time the forests of Drenthe got us some amazing pictures for the 'First Contact' collection, this time we headed to an airport where some nostalgic airplanes were stalled. The colours of the airplanes matched amazing with our new collection! When we were done at the airport, we went to an old farm, where the garden was filled with beautiful flowers and...

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