Behind the scenes: Second Command

The new collection is coming soon which means it was shooting time! For this collection we're dropping fresh long-sleeves and t-shirts. We're very excited, because we can't wait to show you our new logo's and oversized design; everything fully produced in the Netherlands! 

backstage rolann longsleeve tshirt

We're always looking for something different. So this time we went to a special location as well. Last time the forests of Drenthe got us some amazing pictures for the 'First Contact' collection, this time we headed to an airport where some nostalgic airplanes were stalled. The colours of the airplanes matched amazing with our new collection!

When we were done at the airport, we went to an old farm, where the garden was filled with beautiful flowers and apple trees. All the summer colours really came out well there. The resident of the old farm, an 88-year old lady, recieved us warmly and we were free to go whatever we wanted. We choose this location because it was located in our home-town, in which there are a lot of beautiful 'secret spots' here. Check out the lookbook to see what we're talking about :)


The new designs took a lot of time to process. We made a lot of samples which we had to change over and over again because we wanted the fit to be perfect. We want to develop ourselve as a brand which means that every collection should be better than the one before. We believe we did this just right and therefore we can't wait to show our new collection to you! We hope to see you at our pop-up store the 24th of May where we will celebrate the drop of this collection!

Kind regards


DROP: 24th of May, 17:00-21:00, Grote Markt 21 Groningen

oversized longsleeve tshirt rolann

shoot rolann oversized longsleeve tshirt