Pop-up Groningen: Rolánn X Wat 'n Boudel

ROLÁNN is based in Groningen, therefor we want to organize a lot of events in this beautiful city. Every collection brings something special, and this time the pop-up was even more special. The pop-up was right on the Grote Markt in Groningen, the very heart of the city. Presenting our collection here, while hearing the bells from the Martini Tower ring was very special for us!

The t-shirts and long-sleeves got some very positive reviews and we were pleased to hear them! We we're happy to answer all your questions about our new collection. 'How do you produce all these shirts?', 'Where did you get this designs from?', 'How did you find these colors?' are some of the most questions asked. And the answer was pretty simple: we do it all on ourselves! We produce everything with a great team in the Netherlands and all the designs, colors and oversized fit are made with this team as well.  
We worked very hard on getting the right fit for the products. It's difficult maintaining an oversized fit, while at the same time making sure that it stays comfortable and stylish. Using the right fabrics is one of the key things here, and for the summer collection, we believe these are the best fabrics to get the perfect oversized fit. 

We don't know what kind of event we will be organizing for the next collection. What we do know is that the next collection is gonna be a throwback to the vintage style. We're already excited!

Kind regards,