The Story Behind the Pictures

Now that ROLÁNN's SS19 collection has been launched we would love to give you a little peak behind the (design) curtain. For this collection we created three unique graphics that you can find on the T-shirts and Longsleeves. Each graphic displays a different scene connected to old school trends or modern day fashion. This blogpost will explain you all about 'The story behind the pictures'
"December 17th, 2018"
 Tokyo -"A seaport in and the capital of Japan, on Tokyo Bay: one of the world's largest cities"- . Taken at Shibuya crossing, the busiest crossing on the planet. "Thinking of Tokyo I always imagined a vibrant metropole with thousands of people, buildings, restaurants and shops. Tokyo is exactly like that. However, unlike most metropoles, the city is incredibly clean, the people are helpful and nice, the food is relatively cheap and no one will ask you for money. Everyone in Tokyo is well dressed, from the doll-like 'Harajuku Style' to high end streetwear to the stylish business men and women. The city is home to the most amazing streetwear and vintage shops and always keeps up with the newest trends." - Daniek, Co-Designer



"January 20th, 2019"

 Barbie - "A doll representing a conventionally attractive young person"- ."This photo is part of my 'No plastic Stereotypes' campaign which is all about body positivity. We grew up with Barbies and the thought that the dolls represent the way we are supposed to look like in order to be beautiful or manly. Nowadays we know better." - Roos, All round Styling student


 "December 19th 2018"

Clouds -"A visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the general level of the ground"- . Taken from the plane window on a flight from Tokyo to Taipei (around 6 AM). "Since I am not a morning person, the only thing that I wanted to do on the plane was sleep. Luckily, after a few hours I woke up and pulled up the window shades to see this view. Still half a sleep it felt like I was dreaming, the clouds looked so dense and mysterious, like a whole different world. As a kid I always imagined what it would be like to jump into them, actually I still do." - Daniek, Co-Designer